Word of the Week: Obscure

Obscure: Adjective

Origin: Latin and Old French: from Old French obscur, from Latin obscurus ‘dark’, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘cover’.

IPA Pronunciation: /əbˈskjʊə/


  1. not clearly expressed or easily understood.
  2. to make dark, dim, or indistinct.
  3. not discovered or known about; uncertain.
  4. of little or no prominence, note, fame, or distinction.


  1. his origins and parentage are obscure.
  2. he is an obscure French artist.
  3. An obscure product made by a company with an obscure name has markets excited.


blanket, mask, hide,  doubtful, unknown, forgotten

Rhymes with Obscure: 

abjure, allure, assure, brochure, conjure, contour, immure



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