Word Of The Day – Morass

Morass: Noun

Origin: late 15th century. from the Dutch word moeras, of Middle Dutch marasch, from  Old French marais ‘mash‘, also from Latin medieval: ‘maricus.’

IPA Pronunciation: /məˈras/ – muh-RASS


  1. A situation that’s complicated or confusing.
  2. An area of muddy or boggy ground.


confusion, mix-up, chaos, marsh,swamp,clutter.


  1. The landlord was quite upset about the morass she found herself in when her tenant refused to vacate her property.
  2. The river flowing into the valley cause a great, muddy morass.
  3. The puppy found himself in a morass being stuck in a tree log.
  4. Mark’s morass of debt is so complicated he has no idea how to begin paying off his obligations.


harass, brass, grass, mass,pasts, gas,glass.






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