Teens, Sleep and Problem Solving – Sleep Makes You Smart


Teenagers and their distractions are, and have always been common place, and so it is for parents to keep them focussed – making sure they don’t stray too far off the path, that is after all a parents job.  If you’re a teen it’s not so tempting to want to go to bed when there are distractions such as TV’s, smart phones, tablets and emersing oneself in social media, games and pointless trawling on the internet.  These particular distractions also interfere with their focus and the ability to perform at school.  They’re causing a lack of sleep – something that when you’re a teenager, you need more of and not less.

There is much in the media at present about youngsters using devices too much, being stuck on social media 24/7 which in some cases is causing depression, anxiety and sleep issues (for a whole host of reasons which I…

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