Roche Forte L’Afrique Spelling Bee 2016

Education is one of the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained growth.  Africa faces a serious challenge around its basic education system. Many children still leave primary school without the necessary literacy or numeracy to progress into secondary and tertiary education.UNESCO reports that less than 25% of grade 6 children reached the desirable level of reading literacy in some African Countries, this simple statistics translates into fewer children accessing higher education, limited employment opportunities and a continuation of the cycle of poverty. Roche Forte L’Afrique Spelling Bee is a program aimed to support African education system by partnering with them at the primary level to ensure each learner has the opportunity to achieve a good level of English literacy by the time they graduate high school. it also aims to build excitement and momentum around learning and academic achievement.

Roche Forte L’Afrique International Spelling Bee Competition will be held on the 26th of May 2016 at the National Univertsity Of Benin Republic  Etisalat Hall Cotonou. The Competition will be between secondary schools in West and East Africa.


One thought on “Roche Forte L’Afrique Spelling Bee 2016

  1. i was among the audience at last years competition, and it was really good and educative, i will try to be at this year’s. good job Rfa


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