Word Of The Day – Odoriferous

Odoriferous: Adjective

Origin: 15 century old Latin. Late middle english from latin, ‘odorifer’.

IPA Pronounciation:  odor·if·er·ous     \ˌō-də-ˈri-f(ə-)rəs\


  1. Having an unpleasant smell or odor.
  2. Morally offensive ( odoriferous legislation)


ill-smelling, offensive, unsavory, stinky, malodorous.


  1. Shear butter is quite odoriferous to some people.
  2. an odoriferous pile of Fish.
  3. an odoriferous bag of garbage.
  4. The Fluton Fish Market made its odroriferous presence known.

Rhymes with Odoriferous:

Impostrous, maliferous,luciferous, acarus,corchorus,malodorous.


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