Helping Your Child with Maths – The Checklist

Helping with your child with their maths homework can be very rewarding, and a great way of seeing how they’re progressing at school.  For some however, it leads to controversial tension, arguments and upset.  It’s also more common than you think that some parent
s have a fear of teaching their child incorrectly, or just not knowing or remembering how to do it themselves.

Maths help from parents can get ugly.  In my house, in the past, it’s turned into messy arguments, and I knew it needing turning around before any lasting damage was to take hold.  So, here’s some hints and tips to help guide your child to a positive future with their maths homework.

Firstly it’s imHelping with maths.2portant to get into your head about what your role is as a parent when supporting your child with their maths.  It’s not to do their homework for them (giving them…

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