Word Of The Day – Abhorrent

Abhorrent: Adjective

Origin: Late 16th century, from Latin abhorrent,stem of abhorrēns, present participle of abhorrēre.

IPA Pronounciation: /abˈhôrənt,abˈhärənt/


1. Something horrible.

2. Something offensive to the mind.

3.causing repugnance.


abominable, replusive, awful, repellent, shocking, despicable, repugnant, horrible.


  1. As I looked around the filthy apartment, I had to wonder who could live in such abhorrent conditions.
  2. Racial discrimination was abhorrent to us all.
  3. Her abhorrent behavior got her sent out of the class.
  4. To most Christians, the idea of having an abortion is an abhorrent one.

Rhymes with Abhorrent:

Torrent, adherent, coherent, recurrent, concurrent, repugnant.


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