Maths, Girls and the Gender Gap

What is it about maths that tends to attract more of the male gender to it than females?  Is it down to chemical make-up and how the male and female brains are wired, or the way it’s taught and presented too male orientated for the female brain to be instantly attracted to it?  Therefore, in either case, unless closely nurtured some girls just don’t buy into it, and it becomes lost.

Shirley Conran (girls maths.1author of Lace) is Maths Action campaigner to persuade school girls that maths is essential if a woman is to get by in life.  Interviewed by the Guardian on “Maths is a feminist issue” She says “You have to get them enthused by maths before puberty, and you have to improve maths books. I went to a bookshop and found that maths books were hopeless. Even the fun ones wouldn’t appeal to girls because they’re full…

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