Word Of The Day – Tenacious

   Tenacious: Adjective

 origin: c. 1600, from Latin tenāx  ‎(holding fast, clinging), from tenēre ‎(to hold) +‎ ious.

Pronunciation:  /təˈneɪʃəs/


1. tending to keep a firm hold of something.

2. clinging or adhering closely.

3. Having a good memory, retentive


persevering, persistent, resolute, determined, strong-willed, diligent, relentless, unrelenting.


1.The company has a tenacious hold on the market.

2. Still alive… tenacious… serves him right!

3. My tenacious wife read from an Internet news site.

4. Because Betty was tenacious, she rose each time she fell.

Rhymes with Tenacious :

audacious, bodacious, capacious, cetaceous, crustaceous, curvaceous, drupaceous,                                                             edacious,fallacious, flirtatious, fugacious, hellacious.


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