Roche Forte L’Afrique International Spelling Bee Competition

Roche Forte L’Afrique International Spelling Bee Competition are oral spelling bees for 7th through 11th grade students. Participants spell down to the top three [3] placements, who then advance to the final round where the best speller will emerge. Words are taken from the Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary and from RFA Master Word List, Interested Schools Will be sent copies.

The second edition of Roche Forte L’Afrique International Spelling Bee will be held on the 21th of October 2015 at the Irgib Africa University Conference Hall Cotonou Republic Of Benin.  The spelling bee program is saddle with the responsibility to help student’s improve in their vocabularies, learn new concepts, learn the dynamics of actual spelling versus simple rote memorization and provide an environment to promote students’ self-esteem/character development.

Program Schedule:
October 20th 2015 – Arrival of schools and registration of Spellers.
Oct ober 21st 2015 – Competition day
October 22nd 2015 – Tour
October 22nd 2015 – Departure

Participation is strictly for invited schools across Africa, all spellers , teachers and other interested delegates who will be traveling down to Benin Republic for the competition are required to forward their necessary travel information {s} by email on or before the 2nd of October , this is to facilitate an easy passage through the borders and airport with the aid of the Good offices of your respective embassies.


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