Word Of The Week: Vilify

Vilify: Verb Origin: Latin IPA Pronunciation:  /ˈvɪlɪfʌɪ/ Meaning: To spread negative information about something or someone. Sentences: She was vilified by the press as a monster. He was vilified, hounded, and forced into exile by the police. Synonyms: Defame, Revile, Vituperate, Slander Did you know? Vilify came to English by way of the Middle English vilifien and the Late … More Word Of The Week: Vilify

Word Of The Week: Logy

LOGY : Adjective Origin: mid 19th century: of uncertain origin IPA Pronunciation: /ˈləʊɡi/, LOH-ghee Meaning: dull and heavy in motion or thought; sluggish. Sentences: I was feeling logy after eating such a big meal, so I decided to take a brief nap. These scows weigh tons, you know, and get logy in the bargain from being so long in thewater. Synonyms: unenrgetic, bleary, burned-out , dazed, weary . Did You Know? Based on surface resemblance, … More Word Of The Week: Logy

Highlights From The 2018 Spelling Bee Competition Finals

October 18 2018 marked the 5th annual Roche Forte Afrique Spelling Bee competition finals. The competition was held at ISM Adonai University Calavi campus. Prior to the competition the spellers had the opportunity off  touring the Nigerian embassy in Cotonou Benin Republic, which was a wonderful learning experience for the kids. The competition was filled … More Highlights From The 2018 Spelling Bee Competition Finals