Registration For Regional Spelling Bee 2020

Its here and once again students across West Africa will be on a synergistic journey to qualify for The Roche Forte Afrique International Spelling Bee competition. These year the journey to the international competition starts with the regional competitions that would be held across 3 West African Countries Nigeria , Benin and Togo. Regional Competition … More Registration For Regional Spelling Bee 2020

Word of The Week: Abate

Abate: Verb IPA Pronunciation: \¬†…ô-ňąbńĀt¬†\ Origin: 1300‚Äď50;¬†Middle English (in the legal sense): from Old French¬†abatre¬†‚Äėto fell‚Äô, from¬†a-¬†(from Latin¬†ad¬†‚Äėto, at‚Äô) +¬†batre¬†‚Äėto beat‚Äô (from Latin¬†battere,¬†battuere¬†‚Äėto beat‚Äô). Meaning: make (something) less intense. to decrease in amount or value. (Law): to put an end to or suppress. Sentences: the storm suddenly abated. the¬†court¬†can¬†make¬†an¬†order¬†requiring¬†the¬†person¬†responsible¬†to abate the¬†nuisance¬†and may¬†impose¬†a¬†fine. Synonyms: cool off, … More Word of The Week: Abate

Word of the Week: Officious

Officious: Adjective IPA Pronunciation: /…ôňąf…™ É…ôs/ Origin: 1555‚Äď65; < Latin officiŇćsus obliging, dutiful, equivalent to offici(um) office + -Ňćsus -ous Meaning: disapproving: used to describe an annoying person who tries to tell other people what to do in a way that is not wanted or needed. Obsolete. ready to serve; obliging. Sentences: He’s an officious little man and widely disliked in the company. They wouldn’t welcome any officious interference from … More Word of the Week: Officious

Word of the Week: Tepid

Tepid: Adjective IPA Pronunciation: /ňąt…õp…™d/ Origin: late Middle English: from Latin¬†tepidus, from¬†tepere¬†‚Äėbe warm‚Äô. Meaning: (especially of a liquid) not hot and not cold; lukewarm. showing little enthusiasm; not energetic or excited. Sentences: I’m drinking a cup of tepid water. Mary gave a tepid performance. Synonyms: halfhearted,¬†mild,¬†warm,¬†dull,¬†unenthusiastic,¬†cool,¬†disinterested,¬†indifferent, lifeless,¬†moderate.